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DevOps is a cultural approach rather than just a specific role.

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According to the chaos report, more than 66% of software projects fail each year combining both partial or complete failure.

Delivering final software products has never been easy.

In the 70s, we had something called Waterfall Model. This model served several years for the industry. …

As a developer, I always follow the know your tool (K.Y.T) rule.

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Developers always should understand the tools they use. With the right tools, you can achieve your job easily and efficiently. In this article, I’ve listed all the tools I use in my daily job.

“ If you know the system well enough you can do things that aren’t supposed to…

So you’re that guy who wants to impress your colleagues with your vim skills. Find out how in this article.

Vim is a command-line text editor and I want to be honest. It is hard to learn. If you try to apply the principle of UI/UX, vim will fail every checklist. It is not friendly. BUT as people say practice makes perfect, with good practice you can learn it over…

This week, AWS SAM new release, securing the serverless applications, k8s certification guide, and more.

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1. Tearing down your stacks from within SAM

In July, we published more than 100+ articles on various topics including Serverless, Machine learning, DevOps, AWS Exam preparation, and more from different writers all around the world.

Here are the top picks of the month of July for you.

Caching and real-time notifications in a fully serverless AWS based web application with long-running workflows

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