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Ever since when I was in school, computer science has been my passion. I still remember sitting in front of my brother’s PC which has an Intel dual-core processor with 1 gigabyte of memory and Windows XP running it.

I got a computer for myself when I was in High School. I used to sit in front of it spending hours and hours surfing the internet and learning to code, building websites using HTML, CSS. The first programming language I learned was a language called QBASIC.


As a developer, I always follow the know your tool (K.Y.T) rule.

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Developers always should understand the tools they use. With the right tools, you can achieve your job easily and efficiently. In this article, I’ve listed all the tools I use in my daily job.

“ If you know the system well enough you can do things that aren’t supposed to be possible. — Linus Torvalds

1. Ubuntu Linux

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been using Linux as my main operating system. The first distro that I used was Ubuntu 12.04 LTS back in 2012. I’ve tried so many Linux flavors. Kali, Debian, Pirot, Mint, etc. I found Ubuntu a developer-friendly distro packed…

So you’re that guy who wants to impress your colleagues with your vim skills. Find out how in this article.

Vim is a command-line text editor and I want to be honest. It is hard to learn. If you try to apply the principle of UI/UX, vim will fail every checklist. It is not friendly. BUT as people say practice makes perfect, with good practice you can learn it over time. And your productivity might get 2x faster.

Most of the time when we do code, we don’t type code all the time right? We write some code and compile it and things don’t work and we start to edit code. Vim is best for editing code. …

These technologies will see significant innovation and growth in 2021.

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Every day, algorithms are improving and learning, computation powers are increasing rapidly failing Moore's law.

In 2020, we saw a lot of things in the tech industry. Google’s multi-services were down, Zoom skyrocketed, Tesla’s share skyrocketed, Billionaire made more money than ever, work from home became new normal even in enterprise companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. The list goes on.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” — Bill Gates

Here are the top 5 fields, we will see a…

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As a developer, we have to deal with so many problems. One of the things we need to keep in mind as a developer is there are always better tools to get the job done.

In this article, I am going to talk about 5 developer tools most developers are not aware of. These tools can be significantly useful on your job.

1. BundlePhobia

Let’s send SMS notifications with Lambda and SNS to a Phone Number.

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Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and send notifications from the cloud. It is a managed pub/sub messaging service.

Sometimes your applications need to send some notification to your phone number, right? Let’s say maybe an OTP or confirmation code. AWS SNS is capable of doing that.

In this article, we will send an SMS with a message to a specified phone number using Lambda.


  1. Working AWS Account
  2. AWS Management Console Access

Using Lambda we can directly call SNS APIs to send notifications to your phone numbers if…


Capture Change Data with Amazon DynamoDB Streams.

In this article, you will see what dynamodb streams in detail and how they are useful and discuss some of the use cases.

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Image Source: from AWS

One of the cool features of DynamoDB is DynamoDB streams. Streams can be extremely useful in event-driven applications where you need to keep a record of data change.

DynamoDB Streams capture item-level changes in your table and push the changes to a DynamoDB stream. You then can access the change information through the DynamoDB Streams API.

How does it work?

A DynamoDB stream is an ordered flow of information about changes to items in a DynamoDB table. When you enable a…


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AWS CLI is a great way to quickly invoke AWS APIs. With a single command, you can do so many things quickly and easily.

In this article, I will describe how you can use AWS CLI for multiple AWS accounts.

AWS CLI Configuration Basics

Let’s talk about how to configure CLI to talk to AWS.

$ aws configure is the fastest way to configure AWS CLI.

When you hit this command in the terminal, you will prompt for four information.


A high-level look at all AWS container services.

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AWS Cloud provides vast arrays of services — from computing services to databases to machine learning and many more.

In this article, we will particularly look at container services.

Containers are around us for a while now. It is a great way to package and ship our software.

AWS Cloud provides different services to manage, and orchestrate containers. The available container services on AWS Cloud include Elastic Container Service (ECS), AWS Fargate, Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

Let’s discuss each of them in detail. We are not going to do any hands-on. …

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Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed non-relational database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability.

Here are some of the popular articles that I wrote in 2020.

1. An Ultimate Guide to AWS Serverless database — DynamoDB

In this article, I’ve included every topic you must know to get started with DynamoDB as a beginner.

2. Setting up DynamoDB in a Local Dev Environment

3. Accessing DynamoDB

In the article, I’ve described different ways of accessing dynamodb.

4. Top Features you should know about AWS DynamoDB

DynamoDB Top features are highlighted in the article.

5. Performing CRUD Operations on DynamoDB

Simply create, read, update, delete an item.

Thanks for supporting me in 2020!

Kisan Tamang

I work in the Cloud strongly focusing on Serverless, & API, and share bits of knowledge about Programming and Technology.

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