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I write about Cloud, Programming, DevOps, Software and work with AWS Cloud strongly focusing on Serverless and API. Editor @TowardsAWS (
Amazon DynamoDb



DevOps is a cultural approach rather than just a specific role.

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As a developer, I always follow the know your tool (K.Y.T) rule.

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“ If you know the system well enough you can do things that aren’t supposed to be possible. — Linus Torvalds

1. Ubuntu Linux

So you’re that guy who wants to impress your colleagues with your vim skills. Find out how in this article.

1. An Ultimate Guide to AWS Serverless database — DynamoDB

2. IAM Policy Basics and Best Practices

3. How to Send SMS with AWS Lambda and SNS

4. Pilot your containers like a boss with AWS Copilot!

5. AWS CloudWatch — Error Alerts!

These are extensions I use in my D2D life.

1. AWS Toolkit

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TestProject OpenSDK is now available for JavaScript.

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